• About Us

    Smart Life Supplements LLC believes in helping others to become the best version of themselves.

  • Be Smart. Live Smart. Your Body and Family deserves it.

    Smart Life Supplements provides your body with high quality essential
    vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help you achieve your goals for sports
    nutrition, detoxing, fat burning, immune support, women’s and men’s overall
    general health, performance, and well-being.


    Smart Life Supplements has products for the whole family
    including your special pet cat and dog with Total Pet 1.

  • Our Company

    In the Fall of 2020, Smart Life Supplements LLC began as
    an idea, during the lockdown of the Covid 19 Pandemic in a downtown Los Angeles
    apartment with current Owner and Co-Founder Daniel Ramirez, and his then
    girlfriend Co-Founder Elle Damron. Both Daniel and Elle have lost loved ones to
    cancer and diabetes. The Covid 19 Pandemic have given them time to reflect and
    make some decisions to improve their health and wellness. They were on a path
    to become the best versions of themselves, by choosing to live a healthier
    lifestyle by eating better, meditating, working out, caring for their pets, and
    finding ways to bring this company to fruition. Unfortunately, Elle had passed
    away several months later. Through Daniel’s grief and the promise to himself in
    fulfilling their dream, Smart Life Supplements LLC launched in the Fall of

  • Smart Life Supplements chooses to live out Elle’s warmhearted and beautiful spirit by donating portions of sales to mental health awareness and suicide prevention organizations, and to animal rescue shelters, along with supporting organizations that work to eliminate cancer and diabetes.

  •  Life is so unexpected and short. So, why not live it to your fullest potential, today? Smart Life Supplements LLC is here to assist you in becoming the best version of


    Be Smart. Live Smart. Your Body and Family, deserve it!!!

  • Our Team

  • Co-Founder, Owner/CEO

    Daniel Ramirez

    Daniel Ramirez is a Santa
    Barbara native yet had lived in the Los Angeles area for close to a decade. Holding several degrees: Bachelor’s in Communications, a Masters in Public Administration and a Masters in Music Industry Administration, and is also a licensed Insurance Agent. Daniel has a high regard to continued education, as he is pursuing his certifications for Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Having played youth sports, and high school football, and having experience as a youth football coach, and having a passion for working out throughout his life, Daniel is committed to health, wellness, education and becoming the best version of himself and to help others do the same.

  • Co-Founder

    Elle Damron

    Elle Damron had many passions including modeling, music,
    fashion, spiritual wellness, and animal cruelty prevention. Her spirit to help others become the best version of themselves lives on through Smart Life Supplements LLC.

  • Business Development Consultant- Latin America

    Jez Elizondo

    Jez Elizondo has resided in
    Santa Barbra, CA for over ten years. For nearly a decade, Jez has been a high sales representative in the medical sales industry. He comes from a rich background
    in martial arts, practicing the discipline of Muay Thay and Jiu-Jitsu since a young age. Physical activities are a passion of his, from natural bodybuilding to trail hiking. He looks forward to serving the community he loves and cares about through his understanding in sales, nutrition and supplementation. 

  • Business Development Consultant: State of Nevada

    Carlos Ramirez

    Carlos is an Entrepreneur,
    generating thousands of dollars in sales of home goods, collectibles, and clothing retail. He is the Owner of Print It & Exceed Resale located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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